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LQ Solutions is a newly developed range of highly-effective cleaning products for commercial and retail use. Each product has been developed to tackle specific issues which regular, ‘off the shelf’ products cannot handle effectively.

These specialist products include an Algae Cleaner, a PVC Cleaner and a Decontamination range for healthcare and other critical uses that demand only the most effective solutions.

The cutting-edge range of LQ products are distributed through key trade channels into a number of global market sectors.

Algiclear Pro

Algiclear Pro is a concentrated, environmentally sensitive, curing and preventative treatment which kills algae, moss and liverwort on all hard surfaces.

Verritex Pro

Verritex is a specialist, acid free, environmentally sensitive solution developed for the safe and efficient cleaning of all glass surfaces. Ideal for large areas of inaccessible glass such as: professional greenhouses, amenity buildings or high rise buildings.

Polytex Pro

A unique high-energy cleaning fluid. Polytex is an acid and biflouride free solution which gently removes green slime, soot, traffic film, grease, pesticide and chemical residues from upvc, polytunnels, plastic, conservatories and painted surfaces.

Hortisept Pro

Hortisept it a gentle horticulutral disinfectant that is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal, it does not contain alcohol, acid, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols or halogens, making it a safer alternative to aggressive or corrosive chemicals.