Aquacote | Foul Release Power


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Conventional antifouling solutions have intrinsic limitations because of their requirement for repeat application and their toxic characteristics. AQUACOTE is set to change the face of antifouling with its clear cost benefits and its benign effect on the marine environment. Benefitting from eight years in development, AQUACOTE marine products comes with a host of other benefits that include:

  • Ease of application
  • Multi-season protection
  • Promotion of fuel savings and speed optimisation through water
  • Substantial and proven savings year on year
  • Biocide-free environmental protection


With a formula based on extensive research, testing, and marine expertise, PropCote is designed to make boating life easier.

For long-lasting propeller health, fuel efficiency, and speed maximisation, PropCote marks a breakthrough in the marine world. By creating a 'wipe-clean' surface, Aquacote have harnessed Foul Release Power to revolutionise boat maintenance.


Taking the same wipe-clean properties of the PropCote formula, HullCote focuses on smoothing the boat surface on a microcellular level, so that marine fouling organisms simply slip or wipe from the hull.