About The Group

Growth Through Sustainable Innovation

Our Past

From the day the Wolfenden family began providing polythene bale coverings to the agricultural market over 40 years ago, LBS has been built on innovation. Living on a farm themselves, the Wolfendens understood their client base, something we at LBS pride ourselves on today. By the mid 1980s, LBS was a flourishing business providing all things plastic, including the original bale cover. Since then, the business has been constantly evolving and expanding, exploring new business opportunities.

Our Present

LBS Global now has six brands to its name, ranging from horticultural and gardening supplies, to IT solutions and marine products. LBS has an international reach - we are constantly expanding our product range and client base. Porous Pipe, for example, ships to around 20 countries internationally. We have moved into new markets to diversify the range of services we can offer. We are committed to constantly creating inventive solutions to problems that most people just tolerate.

Our Future

We are constantly evaluating new technologies, processes and systems that serve emerging markets and opportunities at a global level. Our aim for the future is to break into new markets, to continue providing novel solutions.

Over the next decade LBS intend to continue expanding and developing with the growing needs of the diverse market as we have always done. We welcome new business challenges and developments, and are continually exploring alternative business ideas.  Striving for quality and reliability will always remain priority to provide the best service to our clients and customers, so we can remain both a service provider, and an employer of choice.

We have already proven to understand the horticultural sector well, but our expansion into IT solutions with Cloud1990 shows our eager and fearless approach to business. With the right people working for us, we know our scope for launching unprecedented products and services is boundless.


Our Investors In People accreditation gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how we go the extra mile to invest in the skills of our workforce.
After all, without our team we are nothing.


We have built a solid financial base with a Dunn & Bradstreet rating of 2A1 (DUNS No. 73-677-9682). This gives us superlative buying power and the confidence to our customers of our longevity.


BSI EN ISO9001 accreditation marks our dedication to
quality across all our operations. We are shortly progressing to other quality standards including BSI EN ISO14001 (Environmental Management).